Nokia Lumia WP8 Comparison from 520 to 920

To all of you who are looking to purchase Nokia’s WP8 Lumia lineup, here is my attempt to summarize the features offered by Nokia Lumias 520 to 920. I have taken data “as available” from website which lists all specifications of these hansdsets.

If you look at the feature comparison, no doubt Lumia 920 is best handset available. If somebody is looking for handset with 4G/LTE support, 920 and 820 are best options available. If you want to store more data in form of songs or movies, 820 or 720 are best options as both of these support external memory card, which is not available in 920. For entry level phones, for anybody to try (at cheap price) WP8, 620 and 520 are also good options. But 520 and 620 doesn’t support Wireless charging, and these phones don’t have mention of Carl Zeiss lens for camera.

So if you are planning to purchase Nokia Lumia WP8 handset, I hope my chart is useful 🙂


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Nokia Corp. WP apps for Non-Nokia Windows Phones

Today when I visited Windows Market Place on my Samsung Omnia W, I was surprised to see “Nokia Corp.” apps listed. 3 apps Nokia Pulse Beta, Nokia Phone Recycler and Saving calculator are listed. I am not sure when Nokia Corp apps were added in Windows Marketplace. Besides I didn’t find any of these app really exciting. It would have been better if Nokia release their apps like Maps or Transport for all Windows Phone (even if paid version), then many WP users would go for this apps.

I was able to download and install Nokia Pulse Beta app successfully.

Link for Nokia Corp apps on Windows Phone Marketplace.


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Prasar Bharti planning for Doordarshan English News Channel

Doordarshan (DD), India’s national broadcaster is facing stiff competition from private broadcasters in Entertainment, Sports and News broadcasting. Even after several attempts DD hasn’t got right formula to provide pace to its GEC channel DD1 or DD National. Its only benefit is that their channels have wider reach through Terrestrial, DTH broadcasts.

After recent attempts of giving facelift to its GEC and News channels, now there is possibility that Prasar Bharti may split its current bilingual News channel “DD News” into 2 channels – Hindi and English language. DD News will be Hindi only channel, while another dedicated English Channel would be launched.

Further proposal is that English News channel could be scaled up for International launch. Though the proposal to set up an English news channel is still on paper it is known that Prasar Bharti has already decided to revamp the content of DD India, its international channel, with news in English, entertainment programmes and widen its reach across the world, with Africa being the first destination where it plans to enter.

With 17 years having passed since its operation DD India is still not available in most countries due to lack of satellite footprint and distribution problems. The Prasar Bharati now plans to enter into agreements with foreign DTH players and explore platforms like IPTV and webcasting to address these issues.

New English channel on proposal : Prasar Bharati
Prasar Bharati plans to launch a dedicated English channel

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Steps for Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Samsung Omnia W

Finally I was able to update my Samsung Omnia W to latest Windows Phone release WP7.8. Thanks to these 2 links (Source 1 and Source 2), I was able to update my Samsung Omnia W to WP7.8.

As mentioned in links, I followed the process of disconnecting and reconnecting network cable several times. After several attempts I was able to upgrade to WP7.8.

I will mention steps again-

  1. Turn phone to Airplane mode to disconnect all network (Cellular/WiFi).
  2. Connect Phone to PC using USB cable and start Zune.
  3. Go to Settings > Phone > Update.
  4. If it displays that your phone is having latest update, go to some other option in setting.
  5. Now be prepared to disconnect your internet in 1-2 (or 3) seconds.
  6. Click again on “Update” and in 1 or 2 or 3 seconds disconnect internet of your PC by pulling off network cable, or turning off WiFi.
  7. If successful (may take several attempts), Phone will display update available. I got 3 Updates as mentioned below before I got latest update.



7.10.8558.136 (This is latest Update of WP7.8).

I had to follow steps of disconnecting cable for all above mentioned updates. It took 2-3 hours for me till I got all updates, so patience is needed to try for several attempts.

Although as mentioned in 1 link above, I dint get any update from Samsung. May be Samsung would send their updates later.

I am able to resize my tiles, and new accent colours available, and also able to set Bing as Lock Wallpaper.

Now I have below versions in my phone-

OS Version: 7.10.8858.136
Firmware revision number: 2424.12.04.3
Hardware revision number:
Radio software version: 0424.12.3.1
Radio hardware version:
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Good Luck!!! (Try at your risk)











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ESPN rebrands in Asia as Fox SPORTS

After much speculation, News Corp has rebranded “ESPN” channels in Asia as “Fox Sports”. News Corp in partnership with Disney has Sports business running under ESPN STAR SPORTS (ESS). But after News Corp took over complete control of ESS by buying shares of Disney, News Corp was looking to rebrand ESPN channels. Now ESPN would be known as FOX SPORTS, ESPN News as FOX SPORTS NEWS, ESPN HD as FOX SPORTS PLUS HD.

India, which is also major market for ESS would not see immediate rebranding for ESPN as Star India, which would control Sports Broadcast biz in India is giving a thought about whether ESPN should rebranded to STAR channel, or continue with international brand i.e. FOX SPORTS.

My guess is News Corp may decide to rename ESPN to FOX SPORTS for non-cricket sports (mainly Football), while Cricket and some other sports could continue on STAR branded channels like STAR SPORTS and STAR CRICKET.

Source: Star to take charge of News Corp’s sports biz in India; rest of Asia to be under FIC

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Data Cap increased by Windows Phone Store on Cellular Network

Apparently Microsoft has increased Data Cap from 20 MB to higher limit when downloading and installing any app from Windows Phone Store on Cellular (3G) network. Earlier if we try to download and install any app of size above 20 MB on Cellular network, we got message that switch to WiFi network to download bigger apps. But today I was able to download and install app of size 27 MB using 3G Network. Earlier when I had tried to install that app, I got message popup asking me to switch to WiFi

Some good development from Microsoft regarding Windows Phone!

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Samsung to roll out WP7.8 update to all WP7.5 handsets

After much talk by Nokia regarding WP7.8 update roll-out (which will happen in 2013, though some users have reported about receiving WP7.8 update), now Samsung (Italy office) executive has confirmed that Samsung too will update all its existing Windows Phone devices running on WP7.5 to latest version WP7.8.

I am happy to hear this news particularly being Omnia W owner, and looking forward for this upgrade, hoping to get it in early 2013.

Source (Translate page using Microsoft/Google Translator)

These days we have had several contacts with Samsung Italy that, as you will recall , has been revealed as the exclusive rights that the arrival in Italian shops smartphone Samsung S ATIV , new top of the range Windows Phone 8 , moves back to the end of the next January 2013. ATIV S It is not only that we have talked to our Italian contacts internal Samsung Electronics : In fact, we took the opportunity to seek guidance and any confirmation or denial about news that we reported a few days ago , that the Samsung Omnia W would not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 .

Here’s what was said in this regard:
“We can confirm that our products carrying the version Windows Phone 7.5 [and therefore all the Windows Phone so far marketed by Samsung, Ed] , are updated the [version] 7.8 but will be made available with terms decided by Microsoft. ”

The answer provided by the technical department of Samsung to our question was absolutely clear and in line with what is promised by Microsoft should definitely serve to dispel any doubts that may arise about the future availability of updates for this or that model of Windows Phone, at least for those branded Samsung. Doubt remains about the timing of release of these but we can now rest assured that sooner or later, for sure it will come.

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