Fraud Alert – Securecarrier Skillzindia

In first week of June 2018 I got call from mobile number 7289802552. Lady who called me said she is calling from Job consultancy and they would be offering assistance in Job search. I need to go online and make some payment. After that they would forward my resume to HRs in various companies and arrange interviews.

Although I was doubtful, but also had some hope so I agreed to do payment on Saturday (02 Jun 2018) by online method. On Saturday exactly at agreed time of 11 AM I got call from same mobile number asking if I can come online for payment. When I said yes, the lady said I would get call from her senior. After few minutes I got call from Man but from same mobile number. He sent link for payment ( through mail. I asked him to provide more details. As I was still in doubt. Then he sent another mail with link for their website ( After looking at website I felt it was genuine, so I made payment. But I said that I cannot make whole payment so I will make some payment later on Monday. The guy on phone was trying hard to make me do whole payment, but I said I cannot.

I was searching online is parallel for some clue whether this was any fraud, but until I made payment I did not not get any links suggesting it was fraud. After I made payment through PayTM gateway, the guy on phone confirmed that payment is received, and he will start further process and his recruitment team would contact me in 24-28 hours. As I feared and expected, I did not get any call for next 2-3 days. When I called above mentioned mobile number it was Switched off! I did reply to email which I received with payment and website links. But no reply for my emails.

So this is my request to all people, especially those who are desperately looking for job, that dont get trap into frauds who would be calling from Securecarrier or Skillzindia. Please spread this message to your friends and colleagues as well.
I don’t know whom to contact regarding this fraud as I don’t have any other details of that Guy and Lady who have cheated me. I was really stupid to not ask them their identity. But even if I had, I am sure they would have provided some fake details and as I was desperate for new job I got caught in their fraud!

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