Windows 10 for Phone (W10P) Technical Preview First Impressions on Lumia 830

I took risk and updated my Lumia 830 to Windows 10 for Phone Technical Preview. Since I don’t use my Lumia 830 as primary phone, so I was able to take risk, but I suggest readers that if you are going to try this on your primary phone, and keep another phone as backup in case your Lumia with W10P goes down.

Mention below some changes as well as issues observed with W10P on my Lumia 830.

I hope Microsoft address the issues present and provide updates for this issues soon.


  • Start Screen now has background Wallpaper. However Transparent Tile is not available.
  • More Tile size options are available. Now we have large tiles consisting of 4 medium size tiles, as well as Tall tile which is of 2 medium size tiles placed vertically. But I observed it working only for People tile.
  • App list background is transparent and can display Wallpaper.
  • Options for Apps in App list have grey background.
  • New installed Apps are on Top.
  • Clock App is replaced with Alarms which has option to set Alarm, but now also include World Clock, Stopwatch and Timer. So no need to install separate apps for these features now.
  • Settings Menu now has categories like System, Devices, Personalization, etc.
  • Keyboard is provided with Virtual Stick to move cursor inside text. But it appears only in some app.
  • Phone dialer is now sleek and number buttons are smaller then earlier. Not sure if this is because I am using high resolution phone or it will be for all phones. But I would have preferred bigger buttons for dial-pad.


  • Back button does not work from App list. So to go back from App list, we have to touch Start key.
  • Back button also does not work while customizing tiles. We have to touch Start key to exit tiles customization.
  • UI transition is not smooth, and some UI elements persist e.g. every time when we pull down Action center, some UI elements are displayed for few moments.
  • Glance Screen settings are not accessible. Even if I updated Glance screen app, I cannot open settings for Glance Screen from “Extras” in Settings.
  • Live Tile for Photo App has option to set only recent photos to be displayed in Start Screen.
  • Photo App is incomplete and we cannot view photos from Albums or Folder.
  • Data Sense options to set limit were disabled for me. So I was not able to set limit for data usage on my prepaid 3G mobile internet.

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wp_ss_20150216_0001 wp_ss_20150214_0001 wp_ss_20150213_0003

wp_ss_20150216_0002 wp_ss_20150216_0004 wp_ss_20150216_0003

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