Narendra Modi’s favorite fruit

Reporter interviewing Narendra Modi: Which is your favorite fruit?

Modi: Apple

Reporter on TV (Screaming): BREAKING NEWS! Apple is Modi’s favorite fruit.

Digvijay Singh: As Modi has not mentioned Green color fruit, it is insult to minority. Congress Party strongly condemns this, and Modi should apologize for this.

Ajay Maken: Modi should have first checked how much Apples are being produced in Gujarat before making this statement.

Manish Tiwari: Now all people know that only Congress cares for Aam (Mango) and Aam Aadmi (common people) of India. Besides Modi’s preference to Red color fruit indicates how much violence he has in his mind and such person cannot become PM of India.

Nitish Kumar: Modi being CM of state should not discriminate between fruits like this, he should have said that he like all fruits equally. This is the reason we broke from NDA.

Prakash Karat: Modi is glorifying costlier fruit like Apple compared to cheaper fruits like Banana or Chikoo. Beside he is also promoting American brand of mobiles and computer. We strongly condemn this capitalist approach of Modi.

Arnab Goswami on Newshour: WHOLE NATION WANTS TO KNOW TONIGHT! Why Modi chose Apple over National fruit Mango or cheaper fruits like Banana or Green color fruit like Guava.

Next Day another reporter from another News channel interviewing Modi: Which is your favorite flower?

Modi replies with smile: …

Whatever flower name Modi said – Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Sunflower or Cauliflower, above mentioned people started preparing for their media statements J

(Disclaimer: This is “imaginary” satire inspired by cartoon published in Marathi daily Sakal)

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