Nokia Lumia WP8 Comparison from 520 to 920

To all of you who are looking to purchase Nokia’s WP8 Lumia lineup, here is my attempt to summarize the features offered by Nokia Lumias 520 to 920. I have taken data “as available” from website which lists all specifications of these hansdsets.

If you look at the feature comparison, no doubt Lumia 920 is best handset available. If somebody is looking for handset with 4G/LTE support, 920 and 820 are best options available. If you want to store more data in form of songs or movies, 820 or 720 are best options as both of these support external memory card, which is not available in 920. For entry level phones, for anybody to try (at cheap price) WP8, 620 and 520 are also good options. But 520 and 620 doesn’t support Wireless charging, and these phones don’t have mention of Carl Zeiss lens for camera.

So if you are planning to purchase Nokia Lumia WP8 handset, I hope my chart is useful 🙂


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