Steps for Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Samsung Omnia W

Finally I was able to update my Samsung Omnia W to latest Windows Phone release WP7.8. Thanks to these 2 links (Source 1 and Source 2), I was able to update my Samsung Omnia W to WP7.8.

As mentioned in links, I followed the process of disconnecting and reconnecting network cable several times. After several attempts I was able to upgrade to WP7.8.

I will mention steps again-

  1. Turn phone to Airplane mode to disconnect all network (Cellular/WiFi).
  2. Connect Phone to PC using USB cable and start Zune.
  3. Go to Settings > Phone > Update.
  4. If it displays that your phone is having latest update, go to some other option in setting.
  5. Now be prepared to disconnect your internet in 1-2 (or 3) seconds.
  6. Click again on β€œUpdate” and in 1 or 2 or 3 seconds disconnect internet of your PC by pulling off network cable, or turning off WiFi.
  7. If successful (may take several attempts), Phone will display update available. I got 3 Updates as mentioned below before I got latest update.



7.10.8558.136 (This is latest Update of WP7.8).

I had to follow steps of disconnecting cable for all above mentioned updates. It took 2-3 hours for me till I got all updates, so patience is needed to try for several attempts.

Although as mentioned in 1 link above, I dint get any update from Samsung. May be Samsung would send their updates later.

I am able to resize my tiles, and new accent colours available, and also able to set Bing as Lock Wallpaper.

Now I have below versions in my phone-

OS Version: 7.10.8858.136
Firmware revision number: 2424.12.04.3
Hardware revision number:
Radio software version: 0424.12.3.1
Radio hardware version:
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Good Luck!!! (Try at your risk)











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166 Responses to Steps for Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Samsung Omnia W

  1. saurabh says:

    still not gettting any update after trying lots of time but when i m disconnecting the internet it says unable to connect internet. now wht should i do for get an update. m only geeting an option that a samsung update is available. plzzzz telll me brother plllzzzzz

  2. Anju says:

    Any further update of samsung omnia after OS version: 7.10.8862.144 ???

  3. parth says:

    update fail ;( again

  4. My family members always say that I am killing my time here at net,
    except I know I am getting know-how everyday by reading such nice articles or reviews.

  5. Amit raj says:

    I have problem in using zune software…..the songs when drag to phone,it take sign in,bit i don’t know my, how could i get the songs…..and
    can the intetnal of my phone be extended or not?/?/

    • SVK says:

      I dont think you need to signin in Zune to drag songs to phone. Have you purchased songs?
      You can’t increase inbuilt memory of your phone.

  6. Arshad dawre says:

    Dear sir, whe samsung omnia i850 uapdate availabl in windos 8

    • SVK says:

      What? if you are talking about Omina W, then unfortunately Omnia W would not be getting WP8 due to hardware limitations.

  7. omnia w did not work, I’ve tried 50 times (cellular:Orange- from TURKEY/ISTANBUL) help me πŸ™‚

  8. Sumitra says:

    Hey, there was an additional update OS Version 7.10.8860.142
    But the Zune update seems to have frozen though the phone is still intact. Pls tell me what can be done.

  9. Sunil says:

    I m looking for Bluetooth share application for omina w which was provided in Lumia 7.8 update. Is there any idea when it will going to release?

    • SVK says:

      Hi Sunil, I dont think Samsung is interested in any such app. We may need to unlock handset to have such app. Check XDA forums.

  10. Yash B. says:

    so now samsung have started sending all the updates.
    still thanks to this article it helped a lot to me.

  11. Navneet Singh says:

    if having problem by disconnecting method update your zune software it will give you updates

  12. Shael says:

    yuhooooo,finally i updated my phone to (7.10.8862.144),got the latest windows 7.8 with large resizable tiles covering all the screen ,new accent colors ,bing wallpaper on the lock screen,faster keyboard,tiles with info like missed calls on the tile,emails description on the email (ymail)tile ,new market place supporting some of new apps and games.
    In the end m very happy after updating my omnia w to 7.8(tango)

  13. Deepak Maharana says:

    Thanx for ur help it work and can tel me how to solve my bluetooth problem.

  14. jony saini says:

    heloo sir i can’t do it……..m unable to update
    can it posibal m update omnia m windows 7 to windows 8 plz tl me sr….

    • SVK says:

      No Jony, you cannot update to WP8. You can update to WP7.8 only.

      • jony saini says:

        sir how can send pic.cont. no threw bluetoothhhhhhhh…………….plz tell me m using omnia mobile m 7.8 i want send pic.non-windows mobile is it possibleeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. yogesh says:

    Can I get ur contact. Number to know more information

  16. timoto.tito says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable information to update my phone to latest.

  17. Yash says:

    i have tried it for 2 hours and i am unable to update my omnia w!
    what to do??

    • SVK says:

      Hi Yash, all I can say is keep trying…
      If possible try with broadband internet having good speed and continous connection.

  18. Hari says:

    I tried to disconnect internet connection. But i am not able to update from 7.10 (8773) version. It shows “Your Phone is up to date”. Can you help me to upgrade to 7.10.8558.136 (Win 7.8) ?

    • SVK says:

      Hi Hari, main purpose of my blog post is to help people upgrading their Windows Phone to WP7.8.
      You need to try as I mentioned. It mostly depends on your internet speed, and timing to disconnect internet.

  19. Sanjay says:

    Hey Friend,

    Thanks for your valuable inputs, it works…. πŸ™‚


  20. Zahoor says:

    i have samsung
    software windows 7.5

    OS version 7.10.8773.98

    firmware revision number 2424.12.04.3

    hardware revision number

    radio software version 0424.12.3.1

    radio hardware version

    bootloader version

    chip SOC version

    can i update my phone to windows 7.8 ? As i tried dead hard myself to update and it always showed your cell is upto date.
    I also contacted pvt service center he also checked it and said your cell is latest version one. Plz advice what i should do? Thanx

  21. Kumaresh says:

    Hi SVK,

    Thanks Dude, I too updated 7.8..working fine, but dont see much different except tile size..

  22. Tanuka says:

    Nd ya my current version in my phone is 7.10.7720.68.
    Haven’t updated once after I bought …..plzzzz help me!!! 😦

    • SVK says:

      Hi Tanuka, your phone is having very old version. Is it WP7 or WP7.5?
      You should get officially at least WP7.5 Refresh (Tango) update.
      Try with Zune, or check with Samsung Customer Care Center.

      • zahoorw says:

        i have samsung
        software windows 7.5

        OS version 7.10.8773.98

        firmware revision number 2424.12.04.3

        hardware revision number

        radio software version 0424.12.3.1

        radio hardware version

        bootloader version

        chip SOC version

        can i update my phone to windows 7.8 ? As i tried dead hard myself to update and it always showed your cell is upto date.
        I also contacted pvt service center he also checked it and said your cell is latest version one. Plz advice what i should do? Thanx

  23. Tanuka says:

    Hey I wanna update my Omnia w…but when I checked zune Fr availability of updates they r showing that
    Update available: update Fr windows phone (OS Version 7.10.7740.16)
    But everyone here seems to mention some other versions….what shud I do now?? 😦

  24. Sriram says:

    I didnt disconnect my internet connection. but i got all three updates one by one.. thanks svk for ur post.

  25. Yogesh says:

    what are the changes after updating the samsung omnia w

    • SVK says:

      I haven’t noticed any functional changes.
      Changes I noticed are – new boot screen, new Start screen, Small/Medium/Large Tiles options, New Icons for Office, Store.

  26. Rajdeep says:

    i updated my omnia without the force update process..! it just worked smoothly.. it took 1 n half hour only… also get the last update 7.10.8862.144. check out friends you also can update without the method…

  27. dev sharma says:

    where we can disconnect internet
    from phone or PC

    • SVK says:

      Hi Dev, your phone should be in Airplane (offline) mode, so internet on your phone is not available.

      You need to disconnect internet of your Computer/Laptop on which Zune is installed.

  28. Dhawal says:

    Thankuuuu .. my omnia w is update 7.10.8862.144

  29. Gautam says:

    Zune software show 7.10.8109.79 as available update for my Omnia w which phone has current 7.10.7720.68. How to update my Omnia w to version 7.10.8858.136..plzz help

  30. Gautam says:

    i hv version 7.10.7720.68 …how to update to 7.10.8858.136…..plz give full step….thnx in advance

    • SVK says:

      First check directly in Zune if updates available. If Zune does not display about any update, then you can try internet disconnection method.

      • Gautam says:

        Zune software show update available for my Omnia w is 7.10.8109.79 . How to update for 7.10.8858.136 . Plzz rply

  31. Raviteja says:

    Thanks for your information about the update samsung omnia w
    my phone is updated to 7.10

  32. Raviteja says:

    How to set custom ringtone for samsung omnia w ?

    • SVK says:

      To set any mp3 file as custom ringtone for Windows Phone, first select which file you want. This file should have length of 30-40 sec. I am not sure if long duration files are supported.
      Edit that file’s properties, set “genre” of that file as “ringtone”.
      Copy this file to your phone through Zune.
      Go to Ringtone settings. In rintone, under cutom, you should see your file listed. Set this file as ringtone.
      Note: You can set custom ringtone only for incoming calls. You cannot set custom ringtone for sms, IM, or emails.

  33. Anith says:

    another one too that is 7.10.8862.144

  34. Anith says:

    I got another update after 7.10.8858.136…..the new update is 7.10.8860.142

  35. Anith says:

    wow I got my update you are really a genius man Iam very happy thanx a ton man!! i got updated to 7.10.8858.136 is there any update after this?

  36. Anmol says:

    thanks a ton mate! pls update me if u come to know about the bluetooth sharing function
    thanks again! πŸ™‚

    • SVK says:

      Sure Anmol, I will update all regarding Bluetooth file share for Samsung or any non-Nokia Windows Phones.
      Thanks for your comment.

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  38. bunti says:

    Finally gt all 3updats on my Omnia w now is there any way to get Bluetooth file sharing?????

  39. Ankit Sood says:

    worked on my omnia w…Thank you..:)

  40. sanju says:

    how much amount of data is required for all these update

    • SVK says:

      Good question! never thought about it actually πŸ™‚
      My guess is it should be less then 500 MB. It should be equal to size of OS Memory consumed.

  41. AARDEE7 says:

    Dude, U really rocking man.. It Really worked for me too. for SAMSUNG OMNIA W. Its really cool. Thanks a lot man. I was eagerly waiting for this long time and was boasting with ma friends about this..

  42. Ishaan says:

    It just keeps showing ‘Checking For Updates’ despite my 12Mbps connection.

  43. Viral says:

    THank u so much…..i was waiting for it for ages…..

  44. atul kharadi says:

    i have updated my omnia w with 7.8 using seven eight tool. it worked without any problem.
    now i have
    OS Version: 7.10.8858.136
    Firmware revision number: 2424.12.04.3
    Hardware revision number:
    Radio software version: 0424.12.3.1
    Radio hardware version: (not 900) as your..
    Bootloader version:
    Chip SOC version:
    different radio no can cause any problem to me ? please comment…..thanx

    • SVK says:

      I am not sure if that can cause any problem. Did you notice any issue with Voice Calls, 3G internet, WiFi or Bluetooth (for Bluetooth headset)?

      • atul kharadi says:

        i think there is some problem in wi-fi. it is connecting with tp-link office network(ip 10.54.XX.XX)(open) but not with bsnl internet wi-fi (ip 192.168.1.XX)(wpa2 protected).
        trying to identify the problem…

  45. sagar says:

    thnks a lot it worked perfect

  46. rawal says:

    thanks….. its really works.

  47. Gordhan says:

    I am Trying many time but i am getting only one update 7.10.8779.8 can i update with this and after this update i get another update? Or not?
    plz help me.can i update with 7.10.8779.8 i need tango update

  48. JP says:

    It worked for me on omnia W. It worked for me after i re-installed zune.

  49. Anuzz says:

    Hi , I m able to see the first update by this trick but as soon as press click on upgrade button after re connecting to internet ,,my laptop hangs and after sometime it automatically reboot itself … I m unable to update my phone ..
    Any comment or any help on this

    • SVK says:

      I guess some issue with your laptop, because nobody here has faced this issue.. If possible check with some another Computer or Laptop.

  50. jitendra says:

    Thanks SVK , It works perfectly. Thanks Payne for additional tip, I took hardly 1.5 hr for three updates –
    – Jitendra S.

  51. jassi says:

    worked for my omnia w in india.
    Timing plays a greater role.. need to make sure to disconnect 2-3 before the update check completes

  52. rahuk says:

    hi i hav updated my omina w to 7.8… looks awesome… but cant send txt msg from it … plz help me out

  53. anju says:

    Thanks a lot .. This post really helped me to update my mob samsung omnia w !!

  54. Dushyant says:

    sir i m having samsung omnia w and tried updating it. now after updating it to OS ver. 7.10.8783.12 and bootloader ver., when i try to do the final wp7.8 update, zune tells tht update was unsuccessful and error code 80180048 appears.this happens when the last final steps of restarting the phone(after step 9 in zune ) completes. plz help me out with this. and I m afraid if I have destoyed my phone?? plz tell me asap. thanks

    • SVK says:

      I am also getting this message sometimes even after I have upgraded to WP7.8. May be some issue with Windows Server due to which this error is displayed. Keep trying again.

  55. Omkar Dahale says:

    HI there guys! I am proud owner of Omnia W. i followed the steps that u guys have posted and got the update. It really worked. To others please u really need to be patient, it took three hours for me to get all the three updates. Timing does matters a lot, when u first get the right timing and get the first update, u get the judgment to disconnect the internet, BANG and u r on!!!
    Good job SVK.
    Thanks a lot!!

  56. ragesh punathil says:

    it working for my friend’s mob also…

  57. ragesh punathil says:

    Finally i have got 7.8 updates .Goto>Settings>about>reset phone [will erase all apps and files]. And connect the phone to system Zune software and it will install the Os with new all updates..

  58. muzyk says:

    Try this…its easy and it worked for me. Windows Phone 7.8 on board but I’m a little disappointed. Nothing special changed.

  59. ragesh punathil says:

    Still i didn’t get updates on my phone Samsung omnia W. Please help me any one.I am keep trying past 2 weeks..

  60. Umesh says:

    seems to be working for me…:)
    Thanks a ton bro..

  61. muzyk says:

    I see there is update avaible ( on phone screen information) but in zune “phone is up to date” 7.10 (8773) and I can’t update my Omnia W. What shall I do if all steps are ok? I tried connecting disconnecting, connecting again, turning on fly-mode and turning it off and zune do nothing:/

    • SVK says:

      All you can do is have patience and keep trying. Timing to disconnect internet needs to be determined depending upon your internet speed (as mentioned by some comments). Also if Microsoft servers are facing heavy traffic for WP7.8 upgrade, Zune may not prompt about upgrade available. Good Luck.

    • Kayz says:

      keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. dude thanks alot..
    i’ve gone through several posts on forcing 7.8 update
    but only your post help in a positive way..
    your contents, screenshoots, valuable replies in comment works in my favour

    as my internet speed is low as 256kbps, i had to wait for 11-12seconds to disconnect connectivity!!…
    finally got all three updates in my omnia w

    • SVK says:

      Thanks Shishir for your comments. Also thanks for letting me (all my readers) know that we may need to wait for longer duration (like in your case) to get update notification.

  63. Raa says:

    Went through different sites before coming here.. but my search ended here..Nicely written article, helped me to get the update in few attempts.. Great job!!

  64. Pardeep says:

    Thanx a lot buddy.. worked on my Samsung OMNIA W I-8350 Phone…. and one more request.. can u tell me how to unlock Bluetooth data transfer in Samsung as Nokia Lumia has..

    • SVK says:

      Thanks for your comment Pradeep.
      So far I have no idea about Bluetooth file transfer for Samsung Omnia W. I am not sure locked phones of non-Nokia brand may have this function/feature. But may be after unlocking phone we may get this feature. I haven’t so far tried that as my phone is in warranty period. You can check XDA Forums for unlocking your phone.

  65. ashwin_krish says:

    Hey! Great post! I finally installed Windows 7.8 on Samsung Omnia W.

    A tip for others who are trying to install. – The 2-3 seconds given in the post is very much depended on one’s internet connection speed. For example, in my case, I had to wait for 8 seconds before removing the connection.

    So if you are facing failures for a long time, get a stop watch and time it. Once I got the value of 8 seconds from my first update, the rest two were successful in the first try itself.

  66. paine says:

    okay…sorry but i found out…some flaws..
    1-click on update note the time it again to confirm
    2-den do the disconnect method before 2-3 seconds of the time taken before
    just do t works…
    mine—-omnia w 8773 to 8858 in 3 uodates…i hail from india

  67. Kayz says:

    (Finland,SAMSUNG OMNIA W) I T WORKED JUST PERFECT,exactly as you discruibed…all the steps and 2-3 hours….lot,s of disconnectings-connectings. but finally I have the 7 . 8 !!! πŸ™‚

  68. biren says:

    hi… I m not able to update. please help

  69. Saddy says:

    Dude !! .. Thanks to u !! .. I finally got my phone updated to 7.8 !!! πŸ˜‰

    • GOVARDHAN RAJ says:

      how u got this update i also trying but it say 7.10.8779.8 update is avalable for u.

      • SVK says:

        Hi Govardhan, did you proceed with update?

      • GOVARDHAN RAJ says:

        I am Trying many time but i am getting only one update 7.10.8779.8 can i update with this and after this update i get another update.
        plz help me.can i update with 7.10.8779.8 or not i want 7.8 update

  70. Saddy says:

    Hey thnx .. This post really helped !! I got an update but it isn’t 7.8 !! The OS version is 7.10.8779.8 !! Now Im trying the same steps for getting another update ! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  71. Saddy says:

    Hey , i see updates available for Omnia W … But i still didn’t get it for my Omnia M !! …
    i’ve been waiting so damn patiently.. But i think i cant hold it now !! … Plz help !!
    Is Omnia M gonna get the update .. If yes then why didn’t i get it yet ! 😦

    • SVK says:

      I guess update should be available for Omnia M (though I am not sure). Keep checking by internet disconnect method as I have mentioned in this post.

      If after multiple attempts you don’t get any notification for update, then I am afraid, update WP7.8 may not be available for Omnia M yet. Good Luck.

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  73. parth says:

    my zune says cant find a update no internet availible 😦

    • SVK says:

      It happened to me as well for several times. Keep trying. Timing of disconnecting internet is important as it is the time in which Handset should have communicated with Microsoft servers to check updates before we disconnect internet.

  74. anish says:

    whatt my point is that in the 6 step when we disconnect the net conncetion, it says we cannot connect to net to check how would it den tell us dat an update is available???.

    • SVK says:

      Timing of disconnecting internet is important as it is the time (2-3 sec) in which Handset should have communicated with Microsoft servers to check updates before we disconnect internet. Within the time we disconnect Zune may have already communicated with servers and gathered update information. And it displays this information about update available. If we dont disconnect, Servers may identify handset region/carrier is not on their list, so they may give message that update is not available.

  75. raj says:

    any app for bluetooth file sharing for samsung Omnia W as Nokia have Bluetooth Share.

    • SVK says:

      Hi Raj,
      I don’t think that there is any app for Bluetooth file share for Samsung Omnia W. Lets hope Samsung comes up with such app…

  76. raj says:

    I updated my Omnia w

  77. Emman Bautista says:

    I am having error “80180048”. Did full reset/hard reset and still happening for several times. Can you help me please? thank you.

    • SVK says:

      Hi Emman, when are you getting this error?
      While updating to WP7.8? or after your phone is updated to WP7.8?

      • 7.8 update gives this error during installation. ( 80180048,orange )

      • SVK says:

        Hi Engin, I have no idea why you are getting this error. Now Microsoft is officially rolling out WP7.8, so you should directly get update. If you not getting it, try at Service Centres of Samsung or Orange.

  78. xprc says:

    I have HTC Mozart, current build 7.10.810 (Mango), but the available update is 7.10.8112 (Not even Tango).
    Should i update to 7.10.8112 first, then may recieve 7.8, or actually 7.8 just not available?
    What previous build you guys have before recieve 7.8? Thanks

    • SVK says:

      I think as per my experience Zune would follow all subsequent updates for your phone if your phone is having older version. Check on Zune for Phone Update in “Settings > Phone > Update”. If you dont get any update available message, try with internet disconnection method.
      Good Luck.

  79. Sree says:

    Thanks, It worked perfectly for my SAMSUNG OMINA W

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