Windows Phone 7.8 Release Coming Soon in 2012?

According to “tonistechblog” () Microsoft is planning to release WP7.8 very soon. Blog has in fact mentioned that WP7.8 could be release on Wednesday (28 Nov 2012) based on information provided from some close source related to subject (Windows Phone perhaps). Now this news would be liked by many WP7 handset owners (like me) who were deprived from Microsoft’s latest Phone OS offering WP8. WP7 owners worldwide are eagerly waiting for new update which would bring start screen to WP7 just like WP8.

WPCentral has also revealed and confirmed below features present in WP7.8.

  • Build number for WP7.8 will be 7.10.8858.136.
  • New Boot Screen – Reflects Microsoft’s new Windows Phone logo and actually matches that of Windows Phone 8
  • New Start screen – The earlier confirmed 3-sizes for Tiles
  • New Core apps re-design – Xbox Games, Office and Store all get updated with new logos
  • 20 Accent colors – We saw this with Windows Phone 8 and now 7 .8 too gets 10 new accent colors (plus one for OEMs or carriers to customize)
  • Live Lock screen Wallpaper – Users can now take advantage of Bing wallpaper, which dynamically updates every day. We’re not sure if this extendable to third party applications as in Windows Phone 8 but presumably it is possible.

There are some advanced changes that only Nokia is applying to their Lumia line as these are OEM customizations.

  • Nokia Network+ settings – we’ve seen this in current Lumia 810/820/822 and 920 devices where Nokia adds some advanced network configurations, such as call forwarding, call waiting and SMS options
  • Bluetooth sharing of non-DRM multimedia files
  • More ringtone editing abilities
  • Contact transfer and sharing app upgrade with new features
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