Tata Docomo 3G Signal not working

I was the one of the first customer to use Tata Docomo 3G when they launched 3G service in my city Pune. I used it till March 2012, and was getting good speed throughout city in 30 KM range from my home to office. Later I couldn’t recharge to 3G, as Online 3G recharge was down in March. So I recharged for 2G and used 2G internet plan for 21 days.

After my 2G internet plan expired, and 3G recharge was back online, I recharged with Rs 90 (which was suppose to give 120 MB). But I got 240 MB data!

BUT main issue is I am not getting “3G” symbol on my mobile (Nokia N95). If I select “Dual” network, my phone will have full signal without 3G symbol, and if I select “UMTS”, “3G” is displayed, but there would be no signal.

When I was using 3G earlier, I was getting 3G symbol everywhere (home, office, road), but now my phone is not showing 3G network. So I wondered if there was any issue with Tata Docomo 3G in Pune.

I called Tata Docomo Customer Care. They checked network (I guess) at my place and confirmed that there is no issue with 3G Network. They asked me to check my handset, I checked and found that Vodafone 3G and Idea 3G was working fine on my handset, so I was sure that there was no issue with my handset.

I even sent sms “ACT 3G to 121” to check if I need to reactivate 3G again, but I got reply that 3G is already active on my sim.

So now I am on 3G plan, but not able to access 3G network at all. I guess trouble started when I activated 2G internet plan for 21 days. This is really pathetic service by Tata Docomo who is unable to change their database and provide me 3G Network access because I used 2G internet earlier!

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  1. Shrayes says:

    When i called to customer care they are saying 3g is already is activated to my number but 3g symbol is not getting in my mobile when i go to docomo office in my town they saying recharge 250 you will get 3g symbol but i want 3g to video call my number is 9738747432 please resolve my problem

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