Vodafone India CC is clueless about my 3G data plan status

Yesterday I wanted to activate Rs 99 – 100 MB 3G plan on my Vodafone prepaid. I sent “Act MI100” sms. But I got replay as “RESPONSE_STATUS:1007: MI100 is already active on your Vodafone prepaid”. I was surprised, but thought if its active, I would try to deactivate it first, so I sent “Can MI100”. I got reply as my request received and status will sent shortly (But I didnt get any update for 2 days now). So I called CC.
First CC girl was totally clueless about 3G, and told me to visit Vodafone store. I again called CC, this time he said that deactivation message was received in their system, and in 3-4 hours my first 3G pack will deactivate, then I can again activate.
I also tried method about complaint form online. After giving complaint online, I got call in 1 hour, but the person said same thing, that my 3G pack will get deactivated, then I can activate 3G pack again.
Today morning I again called CC on direct number for 3G services. But the girl was again clueless saying that I dont have any data plan active, and told me to try *111# (which I had tried already) to check my active data plan. And *111# menu also replied that I dont have any data plan.
But still I am not able to activate 3G plan for MI100 by Rs 99.

I am not sure if Vodafone backend system has gone bad about my 3G data plan status, but their CC are totally clueless, and completely helpless for my issue.

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