Loksabha Election Results 2009 – My Analysis

The results of India’s Loksabha Elections are out, and were beyond anybody’s expectation, neither the party that won, nor the parties that lost. Cong has won with this large margin almost after 2 decades, this has almost brought Cong rule like it was after independence. All other parties like Left, SP, LJP, MNS and main opposition parties lost very badly.
Some of the reasons of the results could be:
1. Global Financial Situation: With the financial situations globally very bad, Indian may have felt, its better to play safe and country run by a party who is headed by a economist, who looked more liable then BJP’s Advani who didn’t came up with any strong solution for this. And with such financial situation, 3rd/4th etc front getting elected was never possible.
2. Terrorism: Terrorism could have been the reason to get current govt out of power, but the irresponsible statements by opposition parties may have lost the chance for them. Besides past record of BJP was not good to prove their point to tackle terrorism.
3. Leader: What ever number of persons aiming for post of PM, there were only 2 people capable for the post. Manmohan Singh & L K Advani. Singh though termed as weak PM by opposition parties, he had respect from public, besides he never let his image drop from minds of people, while Advani has changed his image several times. From hardliner to soft stance secular. But still people may not willing to accept the change of image of Advani causing low response to his party.
4. Leaders of 2nd rank: 2nd rank leaders from both Cong & BJP were fully involved in campaign. Cong used Rahul, Priyanka, Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, J Schindia. Rahul may appear dumb at present, but his father & Grand-mother also had same reputation when they joined politics, but later became centre of power. Rahul could also become centre of power. On other BJP’s 2nd rank leaders were never in sync. Spat between Rajnath & Arun Jaitley was well-known. Narendra Modi campaigned mostly, but may be his magic was not acceptable outside Gujarat. So Cong also scored on its 2nd rank leader’s image.
5: Media Support: The credit of victory of Cong should also given to media. Major media groups constantly put news/articles against BJP, but never uttered any criticism towards Cong. Media project negative image of BJP heavily which may have resulted soft-minded voters turning their back to BJP.

What next: For Cong its celebration time, before they settle to form new cabinet. Now that it has majority it will not have problem of giving ministries to worthless people from their earlier alliance.
But for BJP, it would be tough time. BJP had crumbled completely after 2004 defeat. This defeat is even bigger. Although BJP operates in democratic manner, it needs central authority person heading (like Sonia for Cong) to keep control on 2nd rank leaders. Senior leaders like Advani should step down and party should strengthen 2nd rank leadership, for that party should lead by younger leaders with mass appeal. It should also create leadership at state level in most of states where it has to depend on alliance partners (who could not always be trusted, like BJD & JD(U) & perhaps Shivsena).

Its good that India gets stable govt for next 5 years, and lets hope India comes out of financial crisis strongly and continues to progress.

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