Marathi Cinema – in the changing phase

Marathi Cinema has gone through various changing phase. From Village based stories in 60s/70s to comedy wave in 80s/90s. But at the end of 90s the Marathi cinema was completely struggling for its identity having competition from bollywood, Theatre and growing TV channels.

But after entry of new minded producers and directors, the cinema has entered another phase of change. First the nomination of ‘Shwaas’ (Breath) for India’s entry to Oscars gave recognition. Then many old and new producers started looking and making Marathi movies with new view. Gone are days when movies quality was so dull that anybody hardly willing to watch. Now movies are produced with excellent video and sound. Many new topics are approached. Movies ‘Tingya’, ‘Valu’, ‘De Dhakka’ though being from rural background were well received by urban audience. At the same time movies which could attract youth and urban population are being produced. ZEE became 1st corporate to enter movie production along with launch of movie channel in Marathi. Now many popular production house like Mukta Arts, ABCL, BIG Entertainment, are willing to invest in Marathi movies.

I personally seen so many Marathi movies in 1 year that I haven’t seen in last 5-6 years. Hope this golden period continues and we get more good & quality movies in Marathi.

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