Change…Is it India's turn now?

US recently voted for a CHANGE. A change for Govt, change for economic crisis.
Change Obama could probably bring may be in foreign policy, which during Bush regime US developed by attacking Afghanistan/Iraq & was to follow with Iran. May be Obama will stop this attacking series. Then about economic change which has promised (hope it doesn’t go against India’s interest).

Can this happened in India? India is also recently going through economic slowdown. And many heads working on to rescue from financial crisis. And in a interesting move, L K Advani, the PM candidate for opposition party had meeting with several top industrailists & businessmen of India. Many matters were discussed and BJP now promising to get country out of economic gloom. NDA/BJP also plans to reach out to trade unions & farmers to discuss their issue (Just like Obama did before elections).
Will India vote for BJP/Advani and show Cong door? If BJP comes to power can it bring any drastic changes in current economic slowdown (which financial experts like Manmohan Singh & Chidambaram couldn’t do)
Most contrasting thing is US voted for Younger/minority community person as a president, while our PM candidate is above 80 years of age. If at all Advani is elected as PM, we certailnly can say 1 change we did like US, US voted younger person as President, while we would vote oldest person as PM

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