My New Nokia N95

I am a quite techy person from childhood. From electronic cars/toys to calculators, FM radio, I had them all. When I got job in Dubai I got familiar with mobiles and Nokia 2100 was my 1st phone. It was a cool & simple phone sufficient enough to satisfy my curiosity in mobiles. Then I got Samsung E730 & X700 which were a good color phone with Media player, FM radio, MP camera. They were a stable phone. But I still wanted some more like Java kinda stuff, internet browsing, etc, which I found it all in Nokia N95 (after lots of net surfing) and finally I got my Nokia N95.

I ordered it from Nokia UK site and while ordering it was mentioned as ‘sand’ color. I wondered how it looks and after getting it, it was bit golden (and nice indeed). First thing I noticed was that compared to size, the phone was light in weight. I powered ON the phone and started exploring my ‘new Nokia N95’.

2nd most curious thing was about camera. As mentioned 5 mega pixel camera, camera was very good and now I felt there is no need for me to buy any digital camera. (Later in a trip the photos taken in sunlight were as good as any digital camera). Next thing was multimedia. It supported MP3 songs (as usual), but it also supported MP4 videos I created for my IPOD. It had most features that any MP3/Music player has with Song Artwork support too.

Now advanced features. It has built in WiFi, which worked very fine in our SKY broadband (with initial connection glitches). With help of application from Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live I had emails in my hand literally. Then it supported http web browsing, Youtube, etc web related applications. Interesting thing it has is VOIP on phone. I can make internet calls from various providers in WiFi area. Although it drained battery a lot.

It had GPS receiver which displayed maps based on information from satellite (although I guess it requires network/WiFi and don’t know how it will work in open environment or roads).

Playing with Games available on net for Nokia N95 was fun. I installed/removed/played lots of games. Same thing with themes.

Overall I am satisfied so far with the phone and still exploring more.


Internet phone VOIP update: Nokia N95 supports VOIP
If we are connected to wiFi network and registered & logged on to any VOIP provider then cheap (ISD) calls can be made via VOIP. The phone itself provide in contacts, option for making call as Voice Call (normal call), Video Call & ‘Internet Call’. For using VOIP, SIP setting must be done on phone.
But the bad part, still I am not able to make successfuly use it, may be some problem in setting. Call is getting establish, I can hear other side person, but other side can’t hear me. And battery gets drained off faster in VOIP call


MAPS update: Maps feature I accessed using NOKIA MAPS & GOOGLE MAPS application. For accessing maps N95 uses inbuilt GPS device & GPRS/WiFi connection. First I tried inside room using WiFi, but the mobile couldn’t obviously communicate with GPS satellites and I was not able to see anything, so I doubted about the feature. But later thanks to free GPRS by my provider, I tried MAPS outside. And after few minutes I got ‘map’ of my current location using both NOKIA MAPS & GOOGLE MAPS. So finally it works I said to myself. It was exciting to see the map software tracking our location as I moved along the road. Now I can confirm that GPS & MAPS works fine in Nokia N95



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