DD Direct Plus – How can it be improved?

DD Direct Plus (DDD+) – The DTH service launched by Prasarbharti, as FTA which could been cheap source of entertainment for people of India reaching whole of nation. But after 3-4 years of its launch (Dec 16, 2004 – Wikipedia), is it settled?
When launched it promised to be a good source of entertainment, with good FTA channels on board, but with time most of popular channels like AAJ TAK, ETV Marathi, SUN TV has left the platform. And the PB has no offer to attract popular channels. The channels currently available are either those who don’t find place on pvt. platform (DISH TV/TATASKY) or channel recently launched.
Some suggestion for popularising the service & improve the quality
1. Launching exclusive quality entertainment channels on DDD+, which can telecast new shows as well as old previuos shows.
2. Launching Movie channels showcasing good movies from bollywood, Regional (& ofcourse hollywood)
3. Program Guide service – after 3 years in service PB should manage that now
4. Improving regional channels programming quality in par with pvt. channels
5. Interactive services like Teletext, subtitle, News, weather, Cricket scores, Sensex- For reception of this, PB can approve few STB models compatible for reception of interactive services
6. Acquiring sports content from F1, Soccer & other sports to improve DD Sports

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3 Responses to DD Direct Plus – How can it be improved?

  1. Vinod says:

    There is no 24 hours movie channels on dd direct plus.If thay broadcast b4u movies,thay will get millions of subscribers.

  2. vinay says:

    for dth of DD, main thing for PB to do is
    maintain all their currently shown channels,
    dont change/remove it arbitrarily.
    atleast hv one regional pvt channel for each major language.

    for dth in general,
    if the consumers dont get the choice of choosing a channel, n end up paying for the bouquet then what is the advantage of dth ovr cable except for clarity. even cable operator can gv clarity if u ask for stb to him.(even in non-CAS area)

    for dth or even CAS to succeed in its true sense, they shud gv consumers chance to select an individual channel instead of bouquet and charged individually.

    further channel groups shudnt discourage consumers going for individual channels like eg, if complete star package consisting of say 15 channels is charged for Rs. 75/- (ie Rs. 5/- per channel) then individual channel’s charge shud not b more than Rs. 10/- per channel.

    further stb shud b interchangeable to different service providers like tatasky or dishtv or even ddd plus.

  3. shekhar says:

    how can i watch the pay channel through the dth sat. and reciver ?

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