Fraud Alert – Securecarrier Skillzindia

In first week of June 2018 I got call from mobile number 7289802552. Lady who called me said she is calling from Job consultancy and they would be offering assistance in Job search. I need to go online and make some payment. After that they would forward my resume to HRs in various companies and arrange interviews.

Although I was doubtful, but also had some hope so I agreed to do payment on Saturday (02 Jun 2018) by online method. On Saturday exactly at agreed time of 11 AM I got call from same mobile number asking if I can come online for payment. When I said yes, the lady said I would get call from her senior. After few minutes I got call from Man but from same mobile number. He sent link for payment ( through mail. I asked him to provide more details. As I was still in doubt. Then he sent another mail with link for their website ( After looking at website I felt it was genuine, so I made payment. But I said that I cannot make whole payment so I will make some payment later on Monday. The guy on phone was trying hard to make me do whole payment, but I said I cannot.

I was searching online is parallel for some clue whether this was any fraud, but until I made payment I did not not get any links suggesting it was fraud. After I made payment through PayTM gateway, the guy on phone confirmed that payment is received, and he will start further process and his recruitment team would contact me in 24-28 hours. As I feared and expected, I did not get any call for next 2-3 days. When I called above mentioned mobile number it was Switched off! I did reply to email which I received with payment and website links. But no reply for my emails.

So this is my request to all people, especially those who are desperately looking for job, that dont get trap into frauds who would be calling from Securecarrier or Skillzindia. Please spread this message to your friends and colleagues as well.
I don’t know whom to contact regarding this fraud as I don’t have any other details of that Guy and Lady who have cheated me. I was really stupid to not ask them their identity. But even if I had, I am sure they would have provided some fake details and as I was desperate for new job I got caught in their fraud!

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9X Music channels on Sale? Sony Interested?

New Silk Route, an India-focused private equity fund, and Pradeep Guha are in talks with Sony Pictures Networks India among other investors to sell music channels group 9X Media for anywhere between Rs 250 crore and Rs 300 crore.

The PE fund, that holds around 80% stake in the company, expects to barely recover the amount it had invested in the business nine years ago.

“The PE investor is growing impatient as it has stayed its course. However, the buyers are not ready to pay such a hefty valuation,” said a person involved in the discussions. The sale process, the person added, is driven by Pradeep Guha, the group’s chief executive officer who also owns around 15% stake in the company.

9X Media operates five music channels — 9XM (Bollywood music), 9X Tashan (Punjabi music), 9X Jalwa (retro Bollywood hits), 9X Jhakaas (Marathi music) and 9XO (international music).

Guha worked with NSR to restructure the business by selling the loss-making Hindi general entertainment channel 9X to Zee Entertainment. INX News was subsequently sold to Indi Media.

So finally it looks like all channels from INX group found new owners…
If INX had no confidence of running channels, why did they got into channels business at all?

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Windows 10 for Phone (W10P) Technical Preview First Impressions on Lumia 830

I took risk and updated my Lumia 830 to Windows 10 for Phone Technical Preview. Since I don’t use my Lumia 830 as primary phone, so I was able to take risk, but I suggest readers that if you are going to try this on your primary phone, and keep another phone as backup in case your Lumia with W10P goes down.

Mention below some changes as well as issues observed with W10P on my Lumia 830.

I hope Microsoft address the issues present and provide updates for this issues soon.


  • Start Screen now has background Wallpaper. However Transparent Tile is not available.
  • More Tile size options are available. Now we have large tiles consisting of 4 medium size tiles, as well as Tall tile which is of 2 medium size tiles placed vertically. But I observed it working only for People tile.
  • App list background is transparent and can display Wallpaper.
  • Options for Apps in App list have grey background.
  • New installed Apps are on Top.
  • Clock App is replaced with Alarms which has option to set Alarm, but now also include World Clock, Stopwatch and Timer. So no need to install separate apps for these features now.
  • Settings Menu now has categories like System, Devices, Personalization, etc.
  • Keyboard is provided with Virtual Stick to move cursor inside text. But it appears only in some app.
  • Phone dialer is now sleek and number buttons are smaller then earlier. Not sure if this is because I am using high resolution phone or it will be for all phones. But I would have preferred bigger buttons for dial-pad.


  • Back button does not work from App list. So to go back from App list, we have to touch Start key.
  • Back button also does not work while customizing tiles. We have to touch Start key to exit tiles customization.
  • UI transition is not smooth, and some UI elements persist e.g. every time when we pull down Action center, some UI elements are displayed for few moments.
  • Glance Screen settings are not accessible. Even if I updated Glance screen app, I cannot open settings for Glance Screen from “Extras” in Settings.
  • Live Tile for Photo App has option to set only recent photos to be displayed in Start Screen.
  • Photo App is incomplete and we cannot view photos from Albums or Folder.
  • Data Sense options to set limit were disabled for me. So I was not able to set limit for data usage on my prepaid 3G mobile internet.

wp_ss_20150213_0001 wp_ss_20150213_0003

wp_ss_20150216_0001 wp_ss_20150214_0001 wp_ss_20150213_0003

wp_ss_20150216_0002 wp_ss_20150216_0004 wp_ss_20150216_0003

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Windows Phone Cortana in India

After applying WP8.1 GDR1 (Developer Preview), Cortana is available in India. But to use Cortana, we need to configure Speech language as English UK (or English US).

Cortana is not able to respond any voice commands. Perhaps it is not yet able to recognize Indian accent.

Below are some screenshots taken from Cortana.





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What information is Cortana gathering in non-US region Windows Phone?

I am running WP8.1 Developer’s Preview OS on my Lumia 620. I have set my phone for India region, and never changed to US region to check Cortana or any other features.
Yet today while checking Data Sense, I saw that few data was consumed by Cortana as “Cortana: Info gathering”.

Just wondering what information could be Cortana gathering. Hope its not spying on my phone 😉



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Sherlock Season 3 on AXN India from 3rd Jan 2014 

MUMBAI: AXN India, the English general entertainment channel from Sony Pictures Entertainment, will launch the third season of popular BBC crime drama ‘Sherlock’, ahead of its US launch and close to its premiere in the UK. The three-episodic season will debut on 3 January and air on Fridays at 10 pm. AXN India programming head Arpit Mankar said, “Our strategy has been to offer our viewers the best of international shows as close as possible to its global premiere, as these are premium, evolved audiences who do not like being left behind.”

GOOD NEWS for Shelock fans in India, Season 3 premiers on AXN India channel on 3rd Jan 2014 at 10 PM.

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Narendra Modi’s favorite fruit

Reporter interviewing Narendra Modi: Which is your favorite fruit?

Modi: Apple

Reporter on TV (Screaming): BREAKING NEWS! Apple is Modi’s favorite fruit.

Digvijay Singh: As Modi has not mentioned Green color fruit, it is insult to minority. Congress Party strongly condemns this, and Modi should apologize for this.

Ajay Maken: Modi should have first checked how much Apples are being produced in Gujarat before making this statement.

Manish Tiwari: Now all people know that only Congress cares for Aam (Mango) and Aam Aadmi (common people) of India. Besides Modi’s preference to Red color fruit indicates how much violence he has in his mind and such person cannot become PM of India.

Nitish Kumar: Modi being CM of state should not discriminate between fruits like this, he should have said that he like all fruits equally. This is the reason we broke from NDA.

Prakash Karat: Modi is glorifying costlier fruit like Apple compared to cheaper fruits like Banana or Chikoo. Beside he is also promoting American brand of mobiles and computer. We strongly condemn this capitalist approach of Modi.

Arnab Goswami on Newshour: WHOLE NATION WANTS TO KNOW TONIGHT! Why Modi chose Apple over National fruit Mango or cheaper fruits like Banana or Green color fruit like Guava.

Next Day another reporter from another News channel interviewing Modi: Which is your favorite flower?

Modi replies with smile: …

Whatever flower name Modi said – Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Sunflower or Cauliflower, above mentioned people started preparing for their media statements J

(Disclaimer: This is “imaginary” satire inspired by cartoon published in Marathi daily Sakal)

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